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The neighbor is cheerful and sexually uses his neighbor's wife, Manami Ueno


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Manami Ueno


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After 2, 3 minutes later, I saw that I went to the bathroom and then went out, looked at me, I understood that I went to get the pants out to see the cunt water in the afternoon, sticking with the crotch of the pants, put it on the nose and inhale 1 breath, smelling the throne but not foul, obviously she is very clean, her cunt after a few days after I got to know, fragrant without smell, the water is very smooth.
That night, he and I had a drink, including my sister, who wore elastic pants, but did not dare to wear a skirt, because she followed the idea of ​​not wearing panties, also in the middle of drinking all the stones, asking her to buy but she said she was a little tired to catch him. I understand right away, within 5 minutes, I can touch her cunt, hook as fast as not yet hooked, water cunt her out and stick to my hand to suck it, oh the awkward feeling it brings how is emotion.
3 days later I and I made an appointment at the motel together for 2 hours, then 2 more days until today has not met again, I simply have interest in the first few times, Now it is normal, but I still have 1 week with Mr. AN to meet each other once.


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